Calgary and Area's
Complete Home Repair/
Renovation Solutions

After over 50 years in new home construction, we are now exclusively focusing on the following

- Home Warranty Investigation & Repair
- Community Enhancement & Maintenance
- Small Job Renovations, Repair & Handyman Services

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Homes Canada Construction



Home Warranty Investigations

We provide thorough and accurate defect diagnostics and effective and efficient repair services. We aim to aid new home owners with an effective approach to making warranty claims. It is our goal to provide hope and assurance to purchasers with effective oversight during the construction of a new home. Homes Canada has been diagnosing defects and deficiencies to determine the source of damage for 20+ years because of this we have become a “Preferred Contractor” with one of the leading warranty providers. Home Warranty Investigations has the unique ability to help homeowners navigate the NHBPA and ensure they receive the quality home they deserve.


Homes Canada Listings

Homes Canada Listing Service has been connecting purchases and sellers for pre-owned homes in land lease communities as a secondary service for almost the entire time the company has been in existence. HCLS also helps owners of homes on acreages/farms to sell their homes to be removed from the property. With the ceasing of the previous core of the business, much more attention is now being placed to expanding this service throughout Alberta. Realtors deal in 'Real Property' as defined in the Real Estate Act but a home not affixed to the title of property does not fit this definition, so Realtors are not sufficiently Licensed or insured to be dealing in these affairs. Homes Canada Listings is provincially licenced under the 'Retail Home Sales' program.


Our History

Since 1971, the Homes Canada Group of Companies has been a fixture in the Home Building industry. The founder, Bob Vail, started the company to be a retail sales distributor of 3rd party built manufactured homes in Sudbury Ontario. Very quickly he and his 2 partners spread the company across Canada with several locations stretching to Chilliwack BC. Bob was not favorable of the rapid expansion and by 1973 he had bought out his partners and closed all locations except the one in Calgary Alberta where he made a home for his family.

Over 50+ years, the company, as with the industry, has evolved dramatically. The homes became better built, the target audience expanded, and the distribution model changed placing more responsibilities on the retail distribution centres.

In 2002, Bob's son Steve took over operations of the business and then ownership of the company in 2004. His experience includes having built factory homes in Medicine Hat in 1996 and then working for the company starting at the warranty desk. He also worked in the pre-owned home sales division and eventually in new homes sales.

Providing quality construction Services for all our companies

Community Enhancement Services

We provide industry specific experienced, professional, fair and honest maintenance, upgrade and repair services to owners of homes in LLC's. Services include, levelling, skirting, steps, decks, carports, additions and renovations.

Offsite Built Home Buyer Support Services
We provide industry experienced home relocation preparation services benefiting both buyers and sellers of homes needing to be moved. Services include, transport prep, site prep, set-up to 'occupancy ready', jack and roll, foundations, septic, utility services and consulting.

Tool Crib
Over the many years we have been looking for solutions to challenges and we have acquired a lot of specialized equipment that helps to overcome obstacles. Homes Canada is now setting up the Tool Crib where this equipment is ready for rental with or without operators and labor.


Connecting Buyers and Sellers All Across Alberta

Land Lease Community Consignment Sales

We provide professional, honest resale solutions to owners of homes in land lease communities or for those needing to be moved. Our service is backed by over 50 years of experience in the sales, delivery and service of relocatable homes. We have the ability to engage in selling all homes in LLC's and potentially any non-RV structures such as Park Models as long as it remains a Chattel.

Relocatable Home Consignment Sales

Our Relocatable Home Buyer Support program is designed to assist purchasers and sellers with all of the tasks required to ready a home for transport and the end destination to receive a home. This includes manufactured, modular and even pre-owned site built homes. Some dealers of new homes don't provide these services either, so we are offering our 50+ years of experience to help ensure any buyer has the best experience possible.