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We focus on offering our customers a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry, ensuring they get the right house with the right options to make their buying experience unlike any other. No other company offers as many options for building, buying, selling, or improving your house as the Homes Canada Group of Companies.

Take some time to learn more about what we can do for you better than anyone else.

Our History

The evolution of the Homes Canada Group of Companies began in 1971. Within 2 years founder Bob Vail had expanded across western Canada to Chilliwack, BC with 13 locations. Bob Vail bought out his two partners and focused solely on the locations in Calgary, Alberta.

Since that time, the industry has evolved dramatically. The product has grown to be much bigger and better using the same materials and designs as site built structures, and it has diversified its product offering to include anything between small homes or cottages to large commercial structures. Bob’s son Steve took over operations in 2002 and since then, Steve has taken the company from being a value-added distributor of factory-built homes, to being a well-respected full construction and general contracting firm. Each division offers similar, yet uniquely different homes and services that satisfies the widest set of consumer or corporate expectations.

United Homes Canada

United Homes Canada is a distributor of Triple M Housing factory-built structures. They cater to a wide consumer audience that requires cottages, small secondary (Garden / Granny) suites, single family, and small multi-family structures.

We also provide commercial structures such as site offices, golf course clubhouse / restaurants, daycare and community center facilities.


Custom Homes by Christy

Custom Homes by Christy is a custom on-site builder catering to Calgary and Red Deer areas. Occasionally there are some designs that are simply not “Factory-Built Friendly”. In these cases, Custom Homes by Christy can either fully or partially take over. We are capable of providing full design, engineering and construction of your wildest imagination.

The best part is that we also integrate a “Hybrid” approach where possible. This means we will consult with our clients and advise when a portion of the structure is advisable to be factory-built and the rest can be done on site saving time, money and taking advantage of the lower carbon footprint approach to home construction.


Homes Canada Listings

Homes Canada Listing Service is a division of the company providing services to owners of homes in land-lease communities. We provide a consignment service to aid in the smooth resale of pre-owned homes and we offer small renovation services with community enhancement in mind.


Providing quality construction Services for all our companies

Homes Canada Construction is the all-in-one contractor which provides services to all other divisions of our company. This is where we build basements and garages, and provide full acreage development services to meet the needs that each home-build project requires.

Because of our decades of experience and comprehensive, detail-oriented approach, we’re able to provide services to homeowners at every stage of the process – whether those homes are built by one of our divisions or another company entirely.

This extensive experience and dedication to excellence are why we’re a Preferred Third Party Contractor of Progressive New Home Warranty – we’ve been entrusted to assess and repair the warranty needs of clients who are having problems with other builders.


Progressive Home Warranty (PHW) has been partnered with Steve Vail and The Seventies Homes Canada Inc since 2014. The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has enrolled over 170 projects and PHW has completed nearly 300 site assessments. The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has proven year after year that they are one of Alberta's premier homebuilders and retailers as they have maintained a claim free builder's status. Building a quality product, while providing excellent customer service, is their primary focus and has helped expand their operations. With their wide variety of expertise, PHW has relied on them multiple times as their claims contractor of choice.

Steve Vail understands the true value of a one stop shop for his clients. From foundation to finish, The Seventies Homes Canada Inc, provides a full range of services, working closely with vetted, qualified trades and suppliers.

The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has also earned the top tier in our warranty program. This rating reflects all aspects of business from quality construction, claims ratios and their timeliness with membership related documents. It's an honor to work with Steve and his company and we look forward to many more years of continued partnership.


John Eaton - VP Sales
Progressive Home Warranty